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Special main point answer for Buddhism Statues!

Why Buddhist people use Lord Buddha’s STATUE!!!

Today some Christian, Muslim people insult that Buddhist people worship contain to Statues (IDOL) things. Their (pessimists) think way is incorrect base on misunderstanding.

So I am going to explain this mess!
Although Buddhist people worship to Buddha especially with doctrine of Buddha. Buddhist people need to put  Statues of Lord Buddha because they need to  Memorial Lord Buddha hmm it’s like  (remembrance, special memorial). When we worship to Lord Buddha in their house or in Buddha temple or Pagoda, we remembrance essence of doctrine of Lord Buddha ,  base on noble eight fold path!

Answer these questions for CHRISTIAN pessimists
So and so, I want to ask back to pessimists people who ask Buddhism believe in Statues. Question is: for Christian, Why do you Christian people put Christ Cross (made by wood) on top of the Church? Did they believe in woods? They did worship to wood? IF NOT,  someone will cut (REMOVE) this Cross with saw blade. Let me know will they like it? If they don’t like it, they believe and worship In wood, metal and steel! Right? Then some people wear necklaces for christenings (they wear necklaces of Jesus Christ cross sign) it’s almost made with steel or wood, alright, so if someone make dirty insult to their  necklaces for christenings, THEY AGREE it?
Please http://www.answering-islam.org/shamoun/Index.htm

Answer these questions for MUSLIM pessimists
They wrote “allah” teachings in Arabic language on paper or clothes I found them in many muslim houses and shops and supermarkets. So if may I use these paper in my toilet and I will use these clothes for cleaning my floor, do will they love it? DO OR DON’T? Suitable OR Unsuitable? Please LET me know! If you don’t agree with it, you worship paper and clothes not allah anymore. Un huh no, right?  So they worship paper, clothes or allah and teachings of allah?  And I saw muslim shout “ALLAH” into the sky cloud on top of their bali especially on FRIDAY. They do worship to sky or they worship shouting yelling?
Please visit http://www.1000mistakes.com


One day, a man name called Richard Croiek, he was pre-coma in the middle of crowd people because he cannot breathe (he cannot get enough air).  And his daughter Jesse Croiek sent him to hospital immediately. This is too late Doctor said.  So she whimpering “DADDY DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE NO NO PLEASE!!!”. Then she put Photo of Dad in her bedroom wall. She loves his dad very much but he is dead right now. So she always just look her dad photo sadly (dad photo made by paper).  So if at the time someone gets rid of (throw into trash) this photo paper and use in toilet for cleaning their poop, she will stop them or will she say “do it do it”? 
So that’s why she believes loving in paper or daddy face??? The answer “NO, she no loves either paper or she no rely on paper, she just only respect and love her dad so she took a picture of her dad when she was 16 years old she save in her email and she print out this photo before her daddy died.  Now she put photo when her dad die”.  Remember the main point of this story is: PAPER IS NOT FATHER, FATHER IS NOT PAPER. But she print her dad face as her father alive on photo paper so she love!!!!!!!!!

Free thinker (non-religion)
Although I am a free thinker.  I very respect Lord Buddha and His teachings. I know that Lord Buddha is the enlighten one. Lord Buddha is The Greatest Teacher of all Gods, Allah and all human!
Nevertheless, I respect to every religions but especially, I REALLY LOVE and RELY ON BUDDHISM!