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Buddhism is the Best religion! Because....

Buddhism is a  real true religion. Buddhism is not ordinary religion. It is very different from other religions because Buddhism has not consist creator (God).
 Buddhism is the real true Scientific religion because It is consist causal  relation, true systematically, universal truth, verification, logical arrangement, essential for everybody, trusty document, true doctrine, scientific outlook, and reasonable thoughts.
Especially True Buddhists is not blind Faith! One must have love and respect for one's own country,religion,literature,family,culture,nationality for all in the same way.They love and respect to their country,their religion,their literature,their family,their culture and their nationality.

There are different kinds of countries,races,thoughts,religions,such as Chinese/China,Indian/India,Burmese/Burma,English/England,Japanese/ Japan,American/U.S.A and Hindu,Buddhist,Christian,Muslim.But the essential factor is not races,religions,positions,etc.

Mentalattitude,honesty,diligence,character,unity,patience,justice,optimism,forgiveness,love,mercy,sacrifice,humility,moral ethics,etc are more important above all. One must be able to one self analyze.Each and every one of us should follow and live according to the teachings of one's own religion.The one who does not respect another's culture and religion does not respect his own.The one who respects another's culture and religion respects his own.
All the teachings concerning culture,thoughts,beliefs and practices are valuable in their own ways.The important factor is that the follower of the concerned religion must follow the teachings sincerely.Although I,my self a Buddhist,I obey the teachings and doctrine of Lord Buddha,I appreciate the teachings of other religions and the appreciation of other nationalities and their culture are all noble and valuable in their own way.

There can not be 100% similarities among religions,nationalities,any opinions,cultures,
philosophies,skin hues,mental attitudes,sex,language,polical,social origin,property,visions,of people in the World.There would be more beneficence from performance of seeing with love and sympathetic mind(with optimistic view) for a particular thing rather than blaming or extreme criticize(with a pessimistic view) in contrast to others.

The English culture is best for the English,while the Burmese culture is good for the Burmese.The Indian culture is also best for the Indian people,while the Chinese culture is good for the Chinese people. Likewise,Christians must obey the teachings of the Bible,Buddhists must obey the teaching of Buddhism,Hindus must obey the teachings of the Hinduism and Muslims must obey the teachings of Quran.

Buddhism is the Best religion! The Lord Buddha is the Greatest teacher of human and gods!